IJMB Study Centres

CEPED EDURESOURCE- Centre For Pre-Varsity Education, Nigeria is a registered educational entity in Nigeria approved by the law to register candidates for various Pre-varsity and post-varsity educational related services.

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We strongly advise prospective applicants who wish to register for the IJMB programmes to register with CEPED NIGERIA (Centre for Pre-varsity Education, Nigeria) online to any of our partnered affiliated IJMB study centres nationwide.

Other Advantages of Registering with CEPED EDURESOURCE include:

  • Registering with CEPED, you will receive a globally recognized education support with your university application, and the very best care from expert staff. Our students achieve consistently high exam results and study in welcoming, multicultural environments.

  • CEPED provides you with all the tools that you need to have that extra edge over the rest. Every student who walks through CEPED has the best admission opportunities.

NB: Our Study centres have a limited number of candidates intake, the specific name and address of respective study centres would be known during candidates online registration. For this reason, candidates are expected to choose a centre of his/her choice depending on the centres that are still available (i.e not yet filled up) at the time of registration. Thus, we  advise for prospective candidates to register in time, in order to meet up to their preffered study centre location.

Thereafter, the online registration, the name and address of the candidates chosen study centre will be on candidates registration printout, Thus candidates are expected to proceed to his/her chosen study centre for clearance and resumption.


SOUTH WEST                                     SOUTH EAST                                      SOUTH-SOUTH

Lagos State, Nigeria                        Abia State, Nigeria                           Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria

Ogun State, Nigeria                        Anambra State Nigeria                Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Osun State, Nigeria                         Ebonyi State, Nigeria                      Cross River State, Nigeria

Oyo State, Nigeria                            Enugu State, Nigeria                       Delta State, Nigeria

Ekiti State, Nigeria                          Imo State, Nigeria                              Edo State, Nigeria

Ondo State, Nigeria                                                                                                    Rivers State, Nigeria

NORTH-WEST                                    NORTH-EAST                                     NORTH-CENTRAL

Kaduna State, Nigeria                    Adamawa State, Nigeria           Benue State, Nigeria

Kano State, Nigeria                         Bauchi State, Nigeria                      Kogi State, Nigeria

Katsina State, Nigeria                     Borno State, Nigeria                      Kwara State, Nigeria

Kebbi State, Nigeria                        Gombe State, Nigeria                     Niger State, Nigeria

Jigawa State, Nigeria                      Taraba State, Nigeria                    Plateau State, Nigeria

Sokoto State, Nigeria                     Yobe State, Nigeria                         Nassarawa State, Nigeria

Zamfara State, Nigeria                                                                                            F.C.T, Abuja Nigeria

NOTE: Our centres are located in a state capital and there are cases were we have two or more centres in a state. for more info, contact:

08131664241 or 08097334870